Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Secrets by S.L. Pierce

Secrets by S.L. Pierce is a well-paced spy/thriller novel. The main character, Gwen Michaels, is a retired assassin. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of her hard-boiled internal narrative against both traditional gender identities as well as the tony Palo Alto, CA backdrop of the novel. Gwen operates according to a strict moral code, but she kills both often and easily. Pierce doesn't spend too much time on Gwen's psychological makeup, and that worked for me. We are left, like the husband who learns the secret of Gwen's past at the beginning of the book, to piece it together as the plot unfolds.

Also enjoyable to me were the techie Silicon Valley plot elements. Pierce was trained as an engineer and her prose is highly credible and included, to my mind, just the right level of detail when discussing various technical aspects of the story. This is a great read and especially appealing to anyone who has worked in the technology field.

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